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Year 3 Curriculum Autumn 2018

  • RESILIENCE means not giving up/persisting; having a positive view of oneself as a learner, managing distractions
  • RESOURCEFULNESS means using your initiative and a range of strategies; being independent
  • REFLECTION means thinking about your own learning; planning your work; assessing your own work
  • RECIPROCITY means both giving and taking in a group situation to help you learn effectively
  • Harvest


    We will learn about the Christian festival of harvest and produce our own Harvest performance!
  • ICT


    ICT is intergrated into our daily learning. We also learn specific skills such as coding, word processing and making e-books using iPads. 
  • French


    Locate France and other French-speaking countries. Greetings. Numbers 1-10. Personal information: name, age and family. Traditional French playground games and songs. Christmas in France.
  • Settlements


    Year 3 are exploring maps and comparing different types of settlements. Would you rather live in a city, hamlet or town?
  • Romans


    We will learn all about the Romans. How did they live? Why were they such good fighters? Where did they live?
  • Stories by the same author

    Stories by the same author

    At the beginning of Year 3 we listen to lots of stories by the same authors. We notice what is the same and what is different and learn from their amazing writing skills.
  • Swimming


    In year 3 we have the important and exciting lesson of learning to swim. Some children will perfect their swimming strokes and others will develop their confidence in the water.